Elivital, A New Protein Collagen Product, Is Revolutionizing Menopausal Wellness And Pelvic Health In Women

Elivital, A New Protein Collagen Product, Is Revolutionizing Menopausal Wellness And Pelvic Health In Women

Elivital is an innovative, sophisticated protein peptide solution that addresses the demands of menopausal women. It asserts that collagen will improve muscular tone and promote pelvic health.

Elivital Collagen Peptides has introduced a new protein collagen product for women, intended to simplify women’s approach to health, exercise, and wellbeing. While the health and nutrition market is saturated with protein powders, few are expressly designed for women. This revolutionary solution harnesses the power of collagen to provide specific benefits to those going through menopause and those looking to improve pelvic health.

Despite the importance of protein in overall health, many women, particularly those going through menopause, frequently fall short of their daily protein requirements. According to a New York Times article, the recommended protein intake is around half a gram per pound of body weight, which equates to about 87g for the average woman. Many women struggle to do this only with natural diets, especially as they age. This is why women may choose supplements such as protein powder.

However, protein powders widely used by women may not contain compounds like collagen, which provide extra benefits tailored to women’s needs. This lack of protein consumption, combined with the absence of some helpful chemicals in the supplements women take, can cause muscle atrophy, compromising the strength of the pelvic floor muscle—an essential aspect of women’s health. A weak pelvic floor muscle can cause incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and decreased drive, stressing the significance of resolving this issue.

This insight is critical for women who care about their pelvic floor health.

Elivital’s innovative formula, derived from collagen peptides, not only increases protein consumption but also provides various health benefits beyond enhanced muscular tone, such as intestinal protection, prevention of low-estrogen weight gain, and promoting a healthy microbiota balance in women. The usage of collagen peptides has been linked to lower pH levels in the reproductive system, which is significant since hazardous bacteria thrive in the higher pH caused by menopausal estrogen reduction. Collagen successfully reduces urinary tract infections (UTIs) without the dangers associated with estrogen replacement medication.

Elivital collagen peptides Protein powder precisely addresses the protein gap and is necessary for muscle growth and maintenance and maintaining a healthy level of collagen in the body. Collagen is among the most abundant proteins in the body. Beyond muscular support, collagen is the foundation of many body activities.

In addition to its health benefits, collagen strengthens the skin and nails, prevents hair loss, promotes bone density, and keeps the tendons and joints healthy. This highlights collagen’s substantial impact on skeletal tissue, often disregarded in pursuing vibrant health.

Elivital Collagen Peptides provides a varied solution to the unique issues that women encounter, particularly after menopause. It promotes increased pelvic floor function and general wellbeing, assisting women in achieving their health, fitness, and wellbeing goals.

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About Elivital

Elivital is a collagen peptide protein produced to help people improve their overall health. It contains 20g of collagen peptides, 18g of protein, and vital amino acids such as glycine and proline, which promote collagen synthesis and overall health. Its natural estrogen-boosting qualities, particularly in menopausal women, promote pelvic health and minimize the incidence of UTI. Made from pure grass-fed collagen, it’s easy to mix into smoothies, coffee, or pudding, making wellness wonderfully simple. Elivital Collagen Peptide Protein promotes vigor with each sip.

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